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Design and planning

Exhibition design for trade shows: spaces planning and visual communication.

Architectural and brand design for trade show booth and exhibition space setups.

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Architecure and corporate communication: setups for exhibition shows and events.

Misurauno Design Studio specializes in the exhibition design and trade show setups: from the planning of the stand to the research of new ways to exhibit your products, choice of furnishings, development of all communication and graphic materials. Targeted solutions aimed at effectively promoting company values, services, and products, optimizing the available exhibition space for trade show booths.

The studio provides a complete service for the design and fit-out of trade show setups in Italy or abroad, from the concept design to site management supervision.

Trade Show Booth Design

Design of trade show booths, including structural design, product displays, and visual communication.

Promotional Materials for Events

Graphic development of promotional materials for events and trade show setups, such as promotional counters, roll-up banners and corporate gifts.

Graphic Setup

Development of the company’s events communication and graphic development of interior design elements, such as panelling, for an effective graphic setup.

Optimization of exhibition and trade show booth setup.

Brand Visibility: Position and Customers Flow

Based on the position and available space within the trade show event, the studio analyses past events and the structures of previous trade show booths together with the client. When developing new potential layouts, the aim is to optimize visibility based on the flow of people, thereby improving exposure and presence during the event.

When designing the trade show booth setup, one of the objectives is indeed to make the most of the booth’s location, promoting the brand and company to an ever-increasing audience.

Design and Setup of Trade Show Booths

In the design and setup of the trade show booth, the studio considers four main aspects: the brand, the exhibition, layout and zoning, and the visitor’s flow.

The project and development of the booth is based on the company’s vision, and the design aims to convey the brand identity through original and modern solutions, following and respecting the trade show guidelines and managing the budget.

Structural Design

Structural Design

Zoning and layout, reception areas, and structural elements of the booth.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Design and development of all the graphic supports for the trade show setup, including vinyl, forex, and PVC banners.

Furniture Selection

Furniture Selection

Selection of all furnishings to be included within the spaces and arrangement.

3D and 2D Modelling Development

3D and 2D Modelling Development

Detailed technical drawings for production and fit-out.

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Photorealistic Previews

Photorealistic Previews

Photorealistic renderings for client’s and Exhibition committee’s approval.

Trade Show Fit-out Supervision

Trade Show Fit-out Supervision

Management and site supervision during all the phases of production and fit-out.

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