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Graphic design

Graphic design studio and visual communication strategy.

Improvement of the company’s branding identity: creation of institutional graphic materials and visual design identity.

Our offers

Misurauno offers communication and graphic design services for your brand.

The studio specializes in graphic and advertising design for both printing and digital media. We support our clients from initial ideas to the creation of modern and cutting-edge designs.

Depending on the client’s needs, the studio’s approach is to create coordinated supports with tailored and functional graphic designs. The primary objective of every graphic design project is to improve brand perception in the market, to consolidate the value of the business over time, and to effectively advertise product and services information.

The design studio has developed graphic projects for various business sectors, from automation to construction, F&B and tourism, always proposing modern design solution for professional communication.

Branding e logo design

Defining the values of a business, developing the name and creation of a company logo: all the fundamental steps for the development of a new brand.

Corporate Identity

Graphic design and development of corporate materials identified by common graphic elements: all the assets are visually coherent with the branding standards strengthening the identity of your business.

Brochures and Flyers

Graphic design for brochures and flyers of any format, useful for promotion, products and company services advertisement.

Catalogs and Price Lists

Creation of catalogs and price lists for promoting the company and keeping customers up-to-date on all commercial news: multi-page, paper or digital.

Creative direction and graphic design of corporate branding identity.

Brand Identity and visual communication

Having an impactful, effective and unified branding visual communication is a fundamental aspect for the growth of a corporate identity, especially when you want to promote your brand. For communication to be defined as a ‘effective’, it must necessarily have three requirements: it needs to be memorable, having a strong visual impact, and being able to convey the corporate USP. Think for example of a company van with bright and vibrant colours, a well-designed and clear catalogue, or a sign with a catchy slogan.

For Misurauno Design Studio, corporate identity and visual communication are two fundamental, parallel, and interconnected aspects, linked together by what is called key visual, an integral part of each individual corporate image. Misurauno supports its clients from brand consulting and analysis to the creation of all graphic assets.

Graphic design of the key visual and coordination

Misurauno Design Studio supports its clients from the first meeting. The consultation focuses to deeply understand the brand, whether new or existing, and creating all the required graphic assets tailored for the client’s needs. The studio helps its clients developing or improving their visual communication, branding strategy and coordinating the creative direction through the years based on current trends.

The design for an effective key visual, with precise aspects and styles, plays a central role as it allows to consolidate the identity of one’s company, to effectively coordinate the graphic design of all elements, but above all to optimize the customer perception of a trustworthy and professional brand.

Coordination of Visual Materials

Coordination of Visual Materials

Creation and development of coherent and consolidated visual materials following the business guidelines to achieve a strong branding identity.

Content Structuring

Content Structuring

Identify and arrange textual and visual contents provided by the client and establishing the main narrative and creative direction.

Print-Ready Files

Print-Ready Files

Development of digital files ready for high-resolution printing.

Preview and Application Mockups

Preview and Application Mockups

High-fidelity render images of your product's design that showcases how the finished product will look.

Photography Shoot Management

Photography Shoot Management

Photography setup, framing, and shooting selection, coordinating with a third-party photographer.

Photo Post-Production

Photo Post-Production

Selection of photos, editing and photo post processing.

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