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Web design

Websites design: consultancy, creative direction and development with CMS WordPress.

Design and development of websites. New solutions to enhance your online communication.

Our offers

Solutions for new websites and online platforms.

Misurauno supports companies, local businesses, and freelance professionals in designing websites and developing graphic interfaces for online platforms. The studio offers its clients consultancy aimed to identify the main objectives to be achieved, defining the basic structure of the website, and designing all the new content to be included, developing graphic interfaces to support a clear and impactful communication.

The studio designs and develops websites with many functionalities according to the client’s needs, optimized for all search engines and manageable by the client independently.

Developing Websites

Complete development of responsive websites with WordPress, from graphic design for web interfaces to data entry, programming, and E-publishing of the entire website.

UX/UI Design

Design and restyling of desktop and mobile interfaces for business websites, blogs, and e-commerce, focused on optimizing and improving the user experience.

Landing Page Development

Development of individual web pages for new services, promotion of new products/events or digital campaigns.

Truly engaging websites.

Information, products, and services

Behind the design of every website there are specific needs: a brand’s story to tell, contents to present and products to showcase, but above all, a smooth navigation to engage the users.
In many cases, a compelling, up-to-date, and impactful online image is essential when everything revolves around one’s website, such as in the case of blogs, booking engines, or e-commerce.

The importance of web design and the creation of an effective website is an investment even for small local businesses, which, in addition to presenting their services professionally, can acquire new customers online. An advantage for small businesses that by providing clear information about their services or online booking, for example, can increase the chances of being contacted by potential new customers.

Web design and users

One of the added values of Misurauno Design studio lies precisely in its ability to develop complete websites. From the initial consultation and briefing, the studio plans the goals and the objectives to be achieved by highlighting the project steps, starting from identify and organise the contents to the creation of a new website mapping. We then proceed with the graphic design for web interfaces for both desktop and mobile, enhancing the company image and providing intuitive navigation between pages while ensuring the most innovative solutions to present the proposals to the client.

Once the graphic development part is defined, the studio proceeds with the technical development, programming and E-publishing of the website using the WordPress CMS platform, training the client to manage their website independantly.

Creation of the Sitemap

Creation of the Sitemap

Identification of the new structure and main pages of the website.

Graphic Layout Development

Graphic Layout Development

Creation of the graphics assets for all the pages of the website for a general preview prior to web development.

CMS WordPress

CMS WordPress

A platform to create professional websites with a user-friendly interface to manage contents.

Content Optimization

Content Optimization

Establishment and uploading of textual and photographic content provided by the client, optimized for the web.

Creation of Graphic Elements

Creation of Graphic Elements

Design development of all the graphic elements of the website, such as icons, animations, and diagrams.

Page Updates Management

Page Updates Management

Follow-up updates for the website and implementation of content based on client's requests.

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